im deciding if i should get a parrot MKi9200 or a GPS device.

the price of the parrot makes me wonder why i dont get a gps device, but i want one that fills the following requirements

- can be completely fixed to car, power adapter hidden away and not through cig lighter.  must be charging in car when in use
- can have the maps/firmware updated, either by detaching it and connecting to computer, or via a usb/SD card
- has excellent handsfree communication
- can play music via bluetooth off my iphone with good sound quality, doesnt have to be super good, just better than radio quality.

i basically want it to look good in the car, have no cables visible and i dont have to charge it elsewhere or thorugh cig lighter.  i dont really care if its stuck there (as long as it doesn't damage my car when being installed, so i can remove it later if i want to sell my car), as long as i can still update the maps/firmware.

my old car i spent about $1400 on a CASKA lcd 2 dimm display that had GPS, bluetooth, DVD (never used this), reversing camera (miss this), ipod connection in glove box.  but i dont want to speed that much this time, and prefer to play music via bluetooth.

i was going to go with the parrot and just do GPS off my iphone, but for that price, i thought i might be able to get a better device.

any suggestions ?