With the recent threads on this I am now totally confused.

Years ago Orcon offered a configurable anti-spam solution that I think came from Brightmail but could not be sure.  This was in the dial-up era and allowed users to use this service to ensure spam emails were not downloaded by email clients such as Outlook Express but were stored in a folder accessible from their webmail client.  I don't recall configuration details but I do recall an opt-out option and this is what I thought was being used for my account.  Certainly there is no junk/spam email folder appearing in the current webmail client.

Searching Orcons support pages reveals only that emails can be filtered by forwarding an email either to a spam email address or to a false-positive email address.  There is no article that provides a basic service description.

So I am confused as to what Orcon currently offer for spam detection.  Can someone from Orcon clear this up - including any information on users ability to set any options?