Can I assume that turning off caching on Slingshot is totally pointless? I ask because I have turned it off and it seems to make no difference whatsoever. Using and following the instructions still shows it as cached, even when I change browser (as in go to the page in Firefox and then load up IE and I get the same page serial number).

I ask this as I an a number of others are having problems with the game Wildstar due to ISP caching, etc (happening on Vodafone for definite and Orcon) when there is a hotfix issued, which is currently nightly. It seems to take the ISPs (well Slingshot at least) about 2-4 days to catch up with the change so unless one uses a VPN to patch the Wildstar client and then turn it off to play, you can't play due to a mismatch between the code you have and the code you should have.

I realise that this is probably the result of poor coding on behalf of the Wildstar Devs (as in it has never been an issue with any other MMO I have played) but it is rather frustrating having to fire up Cyberghost so I can play every day.

Brumfondl (which happens to be my char name on Myrcalus if anyone else is playing)