Today, Sunday, we lost ADSL authentication on our black genius modem. This has happened 3 times in the last 13 months. Every 6 months on average. I do the usual dance with manila support. Lights on, reboot, reset, factory reset all with the expected result from my side knowing it will not fix the fault as it is a fault with the Orcon authentication server/system. Usual 30 min on the phone and it eventually gets raised to tier 2 support. They do not work weekends and it usually takes 2 working days for tier 2 to reset the authentication and then we are back working again.

Today was particularly frustrating as the video I am working on for a family funeral can't be sent so I am feeling particularly upset at this ongoing issue.

OK its a painful intermittent fault. I understand the chances of finding the problem is remote if it happens every 6 months. But it is a known fault and given that, would it make sense to give Manila, who are available, the ability to reset the authentication.

If Orcon can't fix the fault, please at least make it easier to rectify than putting me through a waisted process over the phone and waiting days for a ten second job.

I don't expect the fault to be found but an awareness that there is a problem and an easier route to fix it would be infinitely sensible.

Oh and prior to ringing Manila I did try a 3rd party modem with proven correct settings, login, password etc to make sure the genius was not faulty.

Any comment from the Orcon guys would be appreciated.