I see the VOIP voice configuration seems to suggest that the NF4V supports a second VOIP phone line - and it seems Orcon does not support/provide a second line.


1. Can I configure the Orcon genius white NF4V router to use a second VOIP line connection eg. via 2Talk?


2. If I can't use the Orcon router , can I setup another VOIP device behind the NF4V? Does anybody have the required configuration to achieve this?


3. Or do Orcon support a second phone line ... all my discussions with them to date suggests this is not the case.




I do have an older netcomm RTA1046VW modem - would that do the trick (2talk says it needs to support Sip v2) or I need to get an ATA?


I've just connected to Orcon via UFB - that works well and so does the single phone line.