I really am annoyed. I know most isp have issues with provisioning internet services so when upgrading from adsl to vdsl I advised by phone I want to be upgraded on June 7 or June 8.
I received a text on the 23rd saying my vdsl will be installed on the 27.
I called them up that day to have it delayed till June 8.
I was assured this was done but since last Friday I had no internet.
I checked the modem configuration page and I don't see an upstream or downstream rate.
When I call 3 times I've been told I have to keep waiting 24 hours . They told me it was upgrade to vdsl but I haven't heard anything from a tech?
How long do I have to wait? I just want adsl till I can take leave on the 8 June.
I planned ahead and gave orcon my proposed installation date and now I'm without any services? Someone tell me whats wrong?
I cant even do my work from home and I cant always take leave from work.
This is just sad.