Late January I signed for NakedDSL, switching phone and internet from Telecom

Instead of being switched on the 4th Feb as advised, Telecom got around to it a week later when they switched my broadband....off.

After 3 weeks of Slingshot/Telecom mucking around making excuses of why the broadband stopped working and having no broadband at home as well as no phone, I called up Telstra who came in yesterday and connected me to their cable, no connection fees and no contract, just the $55 for 10 gigs broadband.

At this stage Slingshot are supposed to be organising switching my phone to standalone iTalk (Which I will keep using as Telstra doesn't have a VOIP offering), crediting the first month's payment and sent me a courier bag to send the modem back to them for the credit - which seems to be happening. I used iTalk for the first time in testing last evening and that appears to work properly with the X-Lite and a USB handset from DSE.\

But no explanations of what went wrong...

I have no qualms about getting off Telecom's network altogether, they have been here 4 times in the last two years to fix problems between my house and the street, used to be every time in rained the voice line would drop out and broadband would slow.