As the mobile war kicks off, and more and more companies enter the market, it is important make yourself heard. Slingshot and CallPlus enjoy a challenge, and when asked how they’d to compete, gave a straightforward answer.

No-nonsense pricing, rewarding customer loyalty, greater user control, and better understanding of your bill.  

“We’ve been reading a lot of our competitor’s bills and a few things keep coming up; they are difficult to decipher, confusing and customers are paying far too much.” CallPlus General Manager, Mark Callander said.

“It’s a crime to see how long this has been going on, and we intend to shake up the market through better pricing and using our unique online billing system Visibill to show and deliver exactly what our customers want.”

When asked about the potential of bundling their current services with mobile, Callander said there is definitely an opportunity given the success of it’s fixed line business.

“The nature of mobile certainly leads itself towards linking with our landline calling, broadband and line rental services, it’s an area that we will be putting a fair amount of focus on in the coming weeks. Definitely look out for some benefits for having all your services with us.”

The two brands are on track for launching mobile services late this year.