Does anyone use Vodafone's Huawei K3805z (14.4 Mb) USB on 2 Degrees ?

I haven't used mobile data before and I would like to get a fast device for the following use:

(a) now: a month in Cape Town (their networks seem to be at 40+ Mb, with a 'real world' rate of 9+ Mb), using a local SA prepay SIM for my full internet activity. Hence my interest in a faster device (faster than the baseline 3.6 Mb max speed devices). (Note that I've checked with SA and they use the 3805 and regularly sell pre-pay SIMs & data bundles to visitors - so this ought to work ;-)

(b) future: occasional use in Auckland using minimal prepay top-ups. It seems 2 degrees will be more atractive for this (than Vf - cost & durtion of expiry). Almost any device would probably suffice for this.

I can't make out - from the info from the companies' websites, from the staff in their stores (to whom I've spoken) or from searching the online forums - whether the 'cross-use' of USB devices is fairly routine ("just manually set up the APN") - or whether the firmware in the USB allows some to 'play nicely' and some not. If it's 'do-able' by mere mortals, I'm conceited enough to figure I can wrap my head around it...

So - has anyone done this ?

If not, can anyone say 'it should work' ?

Does anyone spot any deal-breakers that I'm overlooking ?

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdon ;-)

(Note that the SA pre-pay bundle price for 2GB is 75 $NZ and marginal Mb are 0.04 $NZ - pretty good? )?