Hey All,

I recently purchased one of these devices and thought I would pass on my experience with it so far.

Purchased from http://www.computerlounge.co.nz/components/componentview.asp?partid=18007
Before the price went up a bit.

The Broadway is a 2 Tuner Network DVB-T device with standard AV outs (no Component or HDMI though) and 2 USB ports for media recording and serving. It also has the ability to stream live TV out across the internet (if you want to poke some holes in your firewall).

Setting up the unit was all pretty easy very much plug and play. Channel scan returned all the required freeview channels. The channels do need to be added to a Channel "group" which must be created before they can be viewed. 
The firmware was fairly old on my unit and finding the latest was a bit of a pain until I figured out that support is on 2 separate websites.
https://www.pctvsystems.com/Default.aspx and http://www.hauppauge.com/site/support/support_broadway.html

The Broadway works through a browser and although I have read reports of its ability to be used in Windows Media Centre, I have so far been unable to get this working. The plugin installs ok but it just doesnt seem to find the Broadway device on the network, which is a shame. 

Watching the stream from PC/Android/iPhone browsers all works fine but while being touted as a 2 Tuner, the reality is you need to turn the stream quality down pretty far when watching 2 things at once.

Overall it has given our home network TV tuner capability at a much lower entry point than other devices.
With a few tweaks to their firmware and software, hopefully it will prove even more valuable.