Have had a 2014 LG 47LB6310 for about 18 months now, last night I was going through the settings and found an option for HbbTV which, when I enabled it, turned on Freeview Plus! I was quite amazed that this feature was sat there turned off by default.


Anyway... have been trying to get to grips with it, finding that TVNZ on demand content plays just fine, but most TV3 things I pick lead to a "Sorry there was a problem loading this page" error. Out of around 10 shows that I've tried at random only one has actually played so far (Graham Norton). My TV is connected via Ethernet to our fibre connection, everything else plays just fine on it, and 3Now seems to work ok on other devices. We do have UnoTelly, but the problem persists even if I switch that off and go back to my ISP's DNS servers.


Is this normal for Freeview Plus?