I am finally getting rid of Sky because it costs me too much IMO. 


So I set up freeview plus on both of my TV's.  One Sony FHD and the other Panasonic UHD 4K. I soon figured out that if you go to the left on the freeview plus guide you can select catchup shows from the menu and they will launch within one of the respective apps (TVNZ, Three, or Maori OD app). 


The problem is with the TVNZ OD app.  It does not select the show or episode that I selected on the freeview plus guide.  It just launches the home page and stays there. The three and Maori TV apps both bring up the correct episode selected as expected.


The same thing is happening on both TV's with the TVNZ OD app so I expect the problem is with the app itself.