I have DVBViewer working quite well with VMC using LM Remote KeyMap & a couple of scripts.  With the remote I can launch DVBViewer (Link) from VMC, view the OSD EPG (with a weeks worth of data: Link), play recorded TV, control the media, change the aspect ratio (zoom 4:3 to 14:9) & close DVBViewer when I press the green button.

What I would like to do is to minimise DVBViewer instead of closing it when I want to go back to VMC.  There is a DVBViewer setting which turns off audio & video when minimised so I would like it to just run in the background recording those beautiful HD programs I have set to record.  I have tried using sendmessage 274, 61472, 0 (found those number when searching the net) in LM Remote which is supposed to minimise windows but it just moves the window to the very bottom of the screen so only the top is showing, not exactly useful.  Anyone have any knowledge of sendmessage or have any better ways to do what I am wanting to do?

Also does anyone have any other tips for better integration of DVBViewer & VMC?  Any VMC skins etc? 

Wouldn't mind being able to play back the recorded TV properly in VMC, I get picture but no sound.