Apologies if this is a repost as I tried posting earlier today and it hasn't shown up.

I have been on Sky Digital's minimal package (FTA only/$18 a month IIRC) but now have bought a Coship 2600 Freeview box (working just fine) and now need to add Prime as cheaply and easily as I can.

I have only one TV and no plans to add to that.  The TV is a Loewe multistandard one that I brought over from the UK 5 years back.  I'm pretty sure I watched Prime on it using the inbuilt tuner in a rented place before we bought here.

I'm reasonably high up in Birkenhead so reckon I should be using UHF to Pinehill.  I'm not sure if I have line of sight, but there's a fair chance.

I reckon the easiest approach would be to add a medium gain UHF antenna like this one (or one from DSE):

Then hook it up using the existing coax cable from my satellite dish and a couple of diplexers as mentioned by Cyril7 here:

Does this sound a feasible approach?  And any advice on gotchas with diplexing over using a separate cable run?

I guess I'd be looking at a cost of about $140 (antenna, mount, 2 x diplexers, some cable). An alternative to DIY is to pay someone to do it.   Can a basic UHF installation be had for about that money?

Thanks in advance for any advice!