I have just bought a sat box. Got the software etc. At first got TV3, C4, parliment, Te Reo and some radio stations. Very good picture at 70-90% quality and 65% level.

I wanted TV1, TV2, TV6 & Maori, changed the frequency to 12483000 from 12456000 & lo behold all the stations appeared on the list. Hurrah I thought but then the quality has been @ 1% and not changed. Even for the original stations i was getting. I did titto with the LOF1 frequency and changed it to 107500 from 11300 MHz. (But now back). Any ideas? I have no idea about this sort of thing.

I haven't unplugged anything or changed the dish angle.

Appreciate any help. Many thanks.

PS I live on great barrier island but i know the dish was set up perfectly to recieve sky prior to any of this