I’ve purchased an AverMedia AverTV DVB-S Trinity PCI-E TV Tuner card here in New Zealand. It came with TWO disks, one is called “AverTV Series” and is orange and silver in color with AverMedia logo and the other is just a plan white disk with “AverMedia” scribbled on it.


I installed the first disk mentioned above via “Auto Run” and Aver MediaCenter version 1.7.2 was installed along with these drivers I checked in Device Manager which has listed one “AverMedia A707 …” under “Sound, video and game controllers” driver version I also checked in “Programs and Features” and it lists the following programs:

AVer Media Center

AVerMedia A707 PCIe Dual Hybrid Analog/DVBT/DVBS/

AVerMedia MCE Encoder x64

AVerMedia Media Center Plug-ins


I have Windows Vista Home Premium x64 OS with the Vista Media Center VMC interface. At this stage the card is NOT recognized in VMC so following the Quick Installation Guide booklet proceeded to install the Universal DVB Receiver from Start menu … But it completes with “Please click finish  ...” and then the following error occurs!


“There is no valid DVB-S BDA driver on the system. Please install a valid DVB-S BDA driver. The setup will be aborted!”


The second disk looks the same but has Aver MediaCenter version 1.7.3 on it. I installed this overtop and it first removed the application and installed version 1.7.3 but this hasn’t solved anything.

I purchased this card instead of others like Hauppauge’s because of it’s PCIe interface and because they say it’s compatible with VMC for TV recording and playback via DVB-S video source.



I have managed to scan for Freeview channels via the Aver Media Center application successfully with my satellite dish but I’d like to use the VMC interface as they say you can.

Any help would be much appreciated thanks.