Hi and thanks to all who replied to my earlier post about recording from the Zinwell 640PVR to a DVD.


That discussion is now locked so I will ask this in a different topic. I now understand that I will have to capture the output using a video capture device and appropriate software, recording the analogue output rather than simply transferring the files.
My question is: does anyone have any experience of the best software and/or setup to use for this? Are we talking about Adobe Premiere or something else? I have Premiere Elements which is generally fine for what I need and I invested in a (cheap) USB Video Capture Adaptor, but Premiere cannot recognise this device (although the cheap video creation software from Ulead that came with the adaptor can). Also, the quality of the reproduction from the Ulead software is poor - is this likely to be the cheap adapter or the cheap software, or something else?
Thanks again.