I have a Nova-T 500 which has sleep issues (ie won't work often upon waking from sleep). I have tried heaps but cannot get a fix. So I want to throw my hands i  the air and buy a new dual tuner card for freeview.

Ideally it would be PCI-E. Sadly the HVR-2200 is out as it only runs in the 16x PCI-E slot on my Motherboard. (werid conflict that I never got  to the bottom off, but tried several HVR-2200 cards).

Are they any other dual tuner cards out there that work on W7 32bit for freeview DVB-T?
Preferably PCI-E, but PCI is ok at a pinch.

I recall reading something about a new HVR-2200 chipset coming soon, that may help, but I really would like a third choice.