We mainly use MySky, however for the purposes of the HTPC i kinda want to get this sorted out.

We have a 91 Element UHF Antenna, which is also connected to a Hills Masthead Amplifier. I have a strong feeling that it isnt aligned correctly as i hear these antennas are very directional.

Its meant to be pointing at the Te Aroha transmitter, however we have no line of sight due to a hill being directly in the way.

The Sony iDTV picks it up perfectly, has zero issues at all with signal.
On the other hand, the HVR-2200 in the HTPC goes blocky every 10-30s particularly on the TVNZ mux.

So what i want to do is get this antenna aligned correctly, but i have no idea where to point it due to the hill being in the way. I attempted to align when installing it with a professional signal meter (dont know what you call them), but it looks like it wasnt correct.
Is there any way to get a compass bearing or similar from google maps? So i know exactly which direction it should be going in?

Additionally, i have a 23 Element UHF antenna lying around which was replaced. Its rather old and was installed when we got sky UHF easily more than 10 years ago (swapped to digital as soon as it released).
Would there be any benefit in mounting this also and simply wiring it in parallel with the 91 element? will that even work?