I'd recently had a stay at the Waikato Hospital's Cardiac Unit. Got the fam to bring in my HP laptop and dust off my USB HVR-900 Tuner.

I thought I would have a go at getting Freeview via WMC, Running Windows 7 on the HP lappy. Went online via my trusty HTC Touch Pro2 and went through the channel scanning process and picked up 18 channels. The signal was very good and very rarely broke up even on the Full HD channels/broadcasts. Quite surprising considering that I was using one of those small internal dvb-t antenna.

Now that I'm home, I fired up the Freeview again on the laptop and now get no signal. I'm curious as to when in the hospital, I could get an excellent signal, from inside the hospital with it's massive concrete walls and corridors within a few metres of most of the ward windows and I wasnt even close to a window also. Not just that, but upteenth medical equipment closeby all beeping and flashing etc?? I didnt think I'd even get close to a decent signal with all the electronic interference, however my Freeview experience was really good.

At home, I've got the antenna on the window sill and still nothing, "weak signal" flashes on screen and there are still image blocks of a broadcast appearing intermittently. I havent dropped the antenna out the window yet but compared to the hospital, I didnt think that would even be close to necessary!

Any explanations would be very helpful.