I have always liked the Topfield satellite TF6000PVR ES because:

- They have a really good 1080i HDMI upscaling engine in them that looks great on an HDTV, you hardly notice you are not using Freeview|HD
- They have free access to the HDD including pulling any file off via USB or network
- Great remote
- Good size HDD, but as you can pull files off and burn to DVD its not an issue
- There are now more free programs to convert the files and burn to DVD
- Reliable brand with good support

But I was never a fan of the lack of series linking, and I always thought you could never get it without waiting for a Freeview approved model to arrive. And even then the Freeview Mheg-5 EPG doesn't allow for really good series linking or choosing to record, for example, every version of the CSI series.

Well now that has changed. Certain people with brains have been working for sometime on this, but finally I have it working and man it is cool.

I noticed others have mentioned TAPs on this forum before. TAPs are Topfield Applications. Sort of like Apps for your iPhone, in the same way Topfield has provided the geeks among us with the software to build apps for the Topfield PVRs, which we then appreciatively get to use.

So here are my 3 favorite TAPs that make the TF6000PVR ES the best Freeview PVR (I also own a MagicTV so I am fully aware of the comparisons between satellite and UHF, approved and non-approved). 

1. EPG http://www.tapworld.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14:jags-epg-30-beta-2&catid=3:all-taps&Itemid=57
This JAG EPG is the one that provides full search and record capabilities. Search for any word in the EPG and it will book that program to record. You can tell it to only look at certain times, only at certain channels, only on certain days. The search stays there and at any time in the future if your program comes back on, it just records it for you.
It also allows for buffers, before and after a recording. The EPG is also downloaded onto the HDD so you get a quick response from the EPG. Amazing.

2. Quickjump http://www.tapworld.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=231:quickjump-15&catid=3:all-taps&Itemid=57
Use the Masterpiece version for the TF6000PVR ES
Quickjump is as the name suggests a TAP that provides you with all the options for jumping ads. It has fully programmable features, it is basically everything that we have been asking for on the MagicTV.

3. TAP Commander http://www.tapworld.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=19:tapcommander-101&catid=3:all-taps&Itemid=57
TAP Commander allows you to turn TAPs on or off, reboot them etc. Great little app.

There is another TAP I am checking out which is one that automatically moves a recording into your chosen and named folder. Makes it easy to watch programs. I will post it once I am happy with it.