Something that I have been wondering about for a while is how much space is left on Freeview|HD and Freeview Satellite. Well, one of the users from around GZ posted a few stats here, so I thought it might be interesting to push them all together in their own thread - all credit goes straight to mm1352000.

Note:  "The information I posted comes from TransEdit, which is a channel scanner and information program that comes with DVBViewer. I think there is even a free version, so you may want to check that out if you find this stuff as interesting as I do. "

TVNZ: 3% (~800kbps)
Mediaworks: 10% (~2.6Mbps)
Kordia: 30% (~8Mbps)

- there's basically no room on the TVNZ mux - they'll have to cut quality if they add AC3 for both TV One and TV 2 (TV 3 uses ~400kbps for AC3)
- there's possibly room for one more low quality SD channel on the Mediaworks mux. Alternatively (and preferably in my opinion) they could upgrade FOUR to HD if they cut quality a little on TV3 and TV3 Plus 1.
- there's not really enough room for another HD channel on the Kordia mux unless it is an upgrade from SD to HD (I'm looking at you Prime!!!). There should easily be enough room for 2 if not 3 SD channels considering current bitrates. Note that I'm not receiving tvCentral here, but I do receive ChineseTV and TV33 (total of 7 TV channels + 3 radio).

12456H: 6% (~1.9Mbps)
12483H: 6% (~1.9Mbps)

- there isn't really room for any more channels on either transponder - at least not at qualities I'd be interested in watching.

 Radio Stations

Well, it is a bit hard to tell really since the the radio station bandwidth usage varies quite a lot from station to station. For example, on the Kordia DVB-T mux:

Radio NZ National: ~70 kbps
Radio NZ Concert: ~105 kbps
Base FM: ~55 kbps

On 12456H:

Radio NZ National: ~100 kbps
Radio NZ Concert: ~165 kbps
Niu FM (Testing): ~130 kbps
George FM: ~165 kbps
Base FM: ~165 kbps

[numbers above don't include PMT overhead]

Given the numbers I quoted earlier and a rough estimate of 100 kbps for an HE-AAC terrestrial station and 175 kbps for an MPEG satellite station (including PMT overheads of ~15 kbps, and leaving ~400 kbps margin):

Mediaworks: 23
Kordia: 78

12456H: 9
12483H: 9