Kia Ora

I have Julia on my system and is Mint,
xbmc is installed and has my movie collection all sorted out.

One wee quickie question,. is the aerial setup better quality than a dish?

Reading tells me I can use TVheadend to backend xbmc, so I got the setting from here for the
Optus D1 mux and manually set that up, TVheadend says under Info mation:

Device path:
Device name:
Conexant CX24123/CX24109
Host connection:
Intermediate Frequency range:
950000 kHz - 2150000 kHz, in steps of 1011 kHz
Symbolrate range:
1000000 Baud - 45000000 Baud
Currently tuned to:
 Services: 0
Muxes awaiting initial scan:

When I got the info from this link
I got a red cell with the "SymbolRate is column 6 called SR-FEC e.g. 12456H and 12483H for Freeview "
with a min; no; being much higher than those two no; and had to put 0's on the end to make it work, I now
have a mux loaded with %100 quality but no channels and nothing to find in xbmc to link to nor is there any way to
find xbmc in TVheadend,. some of what I'm reading is talking about MythTV being installed also, do I need all three
installed to make this work?

Lastly I have no "NIT-o Network ID" to enter do we know this number?