Run 2 terrestrial Freeview TV's and a TIVO primarily for the ability to see and record captions as partner is deaf.  With the exception of no Captioning on TV3 for terrestrial Freeview it has been working well for 12 or so months.

Recently both the Tivo and Sony Bravia units stopped displaying or recording captions on TV2, yet the Pana Plasma shows it fine.  All units display (record) captions on TV1.

All the units share the same aerial, although the Sony/Tivo has a few more splits (share one port).

To fix I have tried the following;

1. Cold reset Sony TV
2. Cold reset (and wait 20 mins) Tivo
3. Re enabled captioning on both Tivo/Sony
4. Made Tivo/TV the primary user of aerial socket (removed second splitter)
5. Fed the Sony from a separate aerial socked (via 5 m coax lead)

If one of the units was giving me a problem I would understand it more, given that it is both units would seem to be a signal issue (assume Sony is just a display when Tivo playback occurring and caption setting on the TV do not make any difference), yet the displaying of TV1 captions confuses the issue (Signal strength?)

Am getting it in the neck when TV2 recordings are missing the captions, and I have run out of things to quickly do.

Here are the next steps

a. Feed Sony/Tivo off same socket as Pana (A bit of a pain)
b. Pull AV cabinet apart and hook Tivo onto the Pana

Would appreciate guidance b4 calling in professionals......never really had a prob in this space before.

Note: About 18 months ago the Sony was returned for repair under warranty as Freeview captions were stopping for long periods of time