Was wondering if anyone had any insight into this problem? I have had a few issues over the fast years. I am using a sky sat dish 10750 lnb. My first sat box would routinely drop the signal, and then a dse box worked well to a software upgrade, then didnt receive any channels. My current box works all right , says signal is  intensity 76% and quality 45%, had to move the dish a bit to get that. I also have a small generic usb box (like this one http://www.trademe.co.nz/computers/other/auction-445556704.htm) with this i get about the same intensiy but quality at about 9%, it also kept saying no signal lock. Used progdvb and the bundled blaze software. Have read quite a bit and mucked around with settings but feel i now need either a sat finder or a new lnb. Any advice greatly appreciated, many thanks.