Hi all
Hopefully this is ok posting in here, its not specifically related to anything else and wanted to get an IT Pro perspective.

I've had issues with ping to the SEA Tanks server (there are a few existing threads on it), so I've resorted to using Astrill VPN which has mostly been successful in lowering my ping.
I've noticed that the lowest latency path usually goes via telstraglobal.net across Australia.  Here is a screenshot from 3pm today.  There is a bit of congestion (I'm guessing) at hop 17, but hops 15/16 are already in Singapore.  http://users.on.net/~amosau/SEA/TelstraGlobalPath.jpg

I've just loaded up the game and my routes have changed and now go through the US.  http://users.on.net/~amosau/SEA/USPath.jpg

However, if I ping the 2nd last hop from the TelstraGlobal path ( I get a completely different route and much lower latency.  In the first trace they are only several ms apart. http://users.on.net/~amosau/SEA/Ping2ndLastHopFromTelstraGlobalPath.jpg

My understanding of BGP and the likes isn't very good, but could this issue stem from an incorrect setup on the World of Tanks server?

Thanks in advance