Hi GZ,

Not sure if this is the most ideal place for this topic but I need some advice with internships preferably help desk related but any advice would be appreciated.

I am currently studying towards a Diploma of ICT at a polytech. I am about to start the second semester of my first year. I have an A- average through one semester of studying. I'm 22 year old male for the record. I really want experience in the I.T field so I wrote an email to my polytech's I.T Help Desk and volunteered my spare time to get some experience. 

I got an reply a few days ago informing me that they will be advertising for a paid internship with the I.T Help Desk team on the school website at the beginning of March. This has me excited, but also very nervous about it because I am now competing with a large number of keen students, most of whom will be in the degree program. I am really focused on this internship as it would mean great experience with an awesome team, fitting around my schedule and right on campus. PLUS it's paid so I will be able to quit my god-forsaken part time job complete with ceremonial uniform bonfire (all invited, btw).

So basically can anyone give me any advice? Anything I can do to get ahead of the pack or be a more attractive candidate would be much appreciated! Or anything you have to share about internships in general!

Thanks guys!