I have a large house currently shared by two couples however the other couple will be moving into their own place soon.

We don't particularly need the income of extra boarders so wouldn't consider random flat-mates to replace them.

I do however have a number of web / mobile app projects I am interested in developing and while I'm not currently prepared to divert too much cash-flow or time into outsourcing them, I would consider a room and board type arrangement in exchange for development work.

In particular we would be offering:


  • Everything expected of a fully furnished house (bed/bedding if required, laundry facilities etc)
  • Spacious office area, lounge etc
  • Fibre Connection (200/50 Mb/s), Sky TV
  • Meals / groceries, consumables, paid cleaner etc
  • All the other reasonable stuff..
Location is pretty good access to shops, public transport etc (West Auckland). Household is tidy, conservative and easy going.

We would be expecting:


  • X hours of development work per week (either X hours per day or X days per week)
  • The other obvious / reasonable stuff (cleaning up after themselves etc)
Ideally I would be looking for someone intending to stay on mid-to-long term (1-2 months+) to efficiently work on these projects with me however shorter term projects of 2-3 weeks could be a possibility and maybe an option for travellers with valid permits etc (I have a company so could possibly sponsor work visas).

I'm interested to hear if anyone has experience with such arrangements (I know it's common in some seasonal industries) and recommendations around this.

How would you go about fairly determining the number of work hours to expect?

(As a guide of value; current couple contributes $500/wk for same offerings however expense is not linear).

Any candidate is going to need at least some sort of income (student allowance, savings, part-time job) in order to cover their personal needs so should I expect to have to pay a small weekly allowance so they have their own spending money so to speak?