Drupal and Wordpress are both great CMS's, each with a different focus - Drupal is becoming more enterprise focused, wordpress has always (with exceptions) been orientated towards smaller sites - initially blogs but now as a more rounded CMS.

I'm an experienced drupal designer, front end / theme coder, looking to catch some wordpress experience to suit some of my smaller clients.

So I'm looking for contra / exchange support with an experienced WP builder who is looking to get in on some the the Drupal action. Ideally central Auckland, to to potentially enable facetime if needed, but not exclusively.

Drupal projects generally have far higher budgets but the learning curve (for developers and builders) can be steep - I can help with that.  Similarly I'm looking to get some shortcuts erg: which plugins to use for complex responsive layout, widgets, integrating query wrangler etc.

Please  - no CMS holy wars - just looking for some happy cultural / knowledge exchange

(Posted here as I can't yet post in offers - hope that's all good)