I'm looking at getting a 12 bay SuperMicro chassis for my home lab Xpenology storage system. As I found out, NZ prices can be volatile for hardware; last year I saw Dell R510s selling for $500 on Trademe but so far I can't find anything decent so I'm resorting to eBay plus expensive shipping costs.

I've found an older SES2 3G SAS enclosure which fits within my budget but being 3G I'm concerned about whether its worth it compared to the 6Gs which would be double (at least) due to delivery etc.

For general raid 5/6 spinning arrays (or perhaps Raid 10 if I get all the HDDs I need) with a couple of SSDs for games storage, am I likely to run in to any trouble? With 2,400mb/s available on the 8 3G SAS lanes, 10 spinning drives would give a total throughput of 1500MB/s at most so there is plenty of capacity there... but I'm more concerned about the SSDs as they would be throttled to 300 each.




I'm currently running a full 1 GBe network but will look to update to either QDR Infiniband (dirt cheap) or the easier to connect 10G network in time.

Is it a concern? Should I be worried for my home lab? My vSphere hosts run 6G SATA SSDs on the hosts so this storage system is for general stuff, games and a couple of shared VMs.  Is 6G really necessary?  As a note, I have four 6G LSI based cards in use.