Has anyone had actual experience with using Click Funnels? Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this question (and apologies for asking about marketing software!!). I have a client who wants to use CF...I took one look at their site and shuddered, but anyway, here goes.


Can Click Funnels connect a landing page to multiple funnels? For example: Imagine you want to get people to give their info via a landing page, and they receive xyz in return (maybe a recipe eBook). They click on a Facebook ad. for example, and get taken to the landing page, then they give their info and they get sent the book.


The following week, a guide to exercise for office workers is being offered as a freebie. If a potential customer is shuffled through to the landing page, are they going to end up with the recipe eBook? Or, if the offer is reconfigured the following week, so they get an eBook guide to exercise for office workers, what if someone has saved the old link and wants the recipe eBook? They're going to end up with a guide to exercise for office workers, but no dinner (because they didn't get the recipe book they were hoping for!).




Thanks for any advice you can offer.  :)