Hello everyone, this is my first post at geekzone, im a .net developer in mexico.

Im planning on construct an application for uploading mms to a webpage using xml, the question here (if anyone can help me i would apreciate lots!) is, how to receive this mms to a folder in my computer for later uploading these files to a server in my webhosting company?
I  mean, I know that I receive this mms to my cellphone, ok, I know that there are application to browse my cellphone memory, but then, when I try to view the physical address of this memory through my windows explorer it just doesnt exist, I was hoping that this memory could be called as a memory stick or so.

If anyone can give me any idea, I know that I may need to change my cellphone device to a gprs modem or so, in this way I could receive in a more direct way the files (text and image) to my computer, does anybody have an idea about this?

Thanks a lot