Hello everyone -

I'm not a regular poster, but I want to warn people about registering domains with PlanetDomain, who are apparently a division of Primus Telecom in Australia. It's easily the worst service I've ever had from a domain registry.

I registered a set of domains through PlanetDomain because, although they're comparatively expensive, they're one of the few companies who can register the full set of .com, .co.nz, .com.au and .co.uk names I required - it would have been convenient for me to have all the domains with the same registry so that they could be administered at the same place.

First of all, and worst of all from my perspective, their support for registering and administering .co.nz domains is badly broken. On the NZ registration they set the registered organisation name to my name (I should only be the registered contact) rather than the name of the company, which obviously has legal implications. Also, their web-based administration system is unable to set name server glue records. I contacted them about this, but they had the audacity to say that the NZ DNC doesn't support it (!) and it's not their fault!

In other words, while they can register NZ domains (at a hefty price premium), their internal software doesn't register them correctly and can't administer them properly. There is no solution or workaround for this other than transferring NZ domains to a more competent registrar. How they can offer this level of service to customers, I have absolutely no idea - it's gross incompetence.

As if that's not bad enough, their customer support is almost completely unresponsive. They take days to respond to website support tickets, if they bother to respond to them at all, and the people on the phone appear to be useless.

Although I've moved the .co.nz domain, I'm still stuck with this rotten company - .com domains can't be transferred to another registrar for sixty days after initial registration. If it wasn't for this I'd initiate a credit card chargeback, because there's no way they should be allowed to get away with the level of service they provide. So I've been suckered, and it's wasted hours of my time over the last week.

Steer clear of these jokers.

Mr Tomato