Hey guys,

Just a noob here, but I have just launched a new website for NZ artists to profile and sell their artwork called http://www.artklick.co.nz and want to get an app built that pulls pics from the site and shows them as a mini gallery so people can promote NZ art. It would also be cool if they could pull them from specific profiles to promote their own or friends artwork.

I dont know anything about programming but Art Klick is done is asp.net is that makes any difference.

I am pretty skint at the mo but have launched a crazy guerrilla marketing stunt to raise some funds and promote NZ art to the world called http://www.milliondollarleg.co.nz and it has been getting mad international attention and I already have three sponsors which is rad.

If anyone is keen flick me an email and we can sus something out :)


James Stewart