Long story short, I'm looking for other developers that may be using the Trade Me API for listing/selling, as I do myself to see if they know something more than I, because Trade Me is not being very forthcoming (as is tradition).




Longer story:


Couple weeks back email from Trade Me regarding the new Shipping Templates API, it had a PDF attached.  This refers to using both managing the (new) Shipping Templates ( https://developer.trademe.co.nz/api-reference ) and to using them in the listing process ( ShippingTemplateId element in the Listing).


Trouble is (aside from problems with the way Templates can be configured), that the Shipping Templates API that the email and PDF were all about... does not work (I literally get an error from Trade Me's API that "Shipping template system is currently disabled, please try again later", for 2 weeks so far).


Further in the email it said "Our existing shipping options will be supported until 1st May 2022 ", but what this actually means wasn't said, like, will we still be able to create listings without using the non-functional Shipping Templates API after that date, is it a deprecation, is it something different...


I've of course emailed Trade Me on multiple occasios, both to the address they said to send questions about this specific matter to, and to the API, and... crickets, just the autp-response from api, and a reply from onboarding to say they'd sent it to one of the addresses I'd already sent it to.


I've already asked Andrew from Bidbud and he never even got the email, and no idea either.  So I'm wondering if there are any Geekzoners who might have some information to impart.