Hi All,
I have developed a website o moonfruit for a karate dojo.  Overall - it has gone well and the toolset (as used by the dojo, not a personal choice) is reasonably easy to use.  However I want to set up an "members" only area that they can log into and access a forum, some "members" downloads and a chat gadget.  The constraint that I have is that all the people who required access (a little over 1,000 members) are already members of the club and have a username (upto four numerics) and a password.
So - are there any moonfruit experts here or at least people more knowledgeable than me (which there are plenty I am sure )?  If so, is there anyway that I can create a page where they can login using the same username?  I would also like to be able to add new members as they come on rather than allowing them to self register.
Thanks in advance for your help on this.