The National Library of New Zealand is planning a second New Zealand Web Harvest in April 2010.

We received a lot of feedback from NZNOG (and others) during and after New Zealand Web Harvest 2008. Following that harvest, Dean helped arrange up a meeting of interested stakeholders at the Library to discuss the various issues that were raised, and reported back to the list here:

You may also recall that I spoke at the 2009 NZNOG conference about our experience with the first harvest. I will speak at the 2010 conference out our plans for the second.

During the 2008 Web Harvest, members of the New Zealand internet community raised several concerns, specifically relating to:

-- the notification period
-- the robots policy
-- the location of the harvester.

For the 2010 harvest we have developed an Options Paper, detailing approaches the Library could take to address these concerns. We are circulating this Options Paper to stakeholder groups in the networking and technical communities. The feedback we receive will be built into the planning of the harvest, its public notification, and its operation.

Please note that the options paper is NOT a general notification of the 2010 harvest.  We will notify the wider New Zealand internet community closer to the date of the harvest when more details are known.

You can find a copy of the Options Paper on the National Library website:

Submissions on the Options Paper close at 9am on Monday 8 February 2010, or you can talk to me in person at NZNOG 2010. I'll be giving a short presentation on Thursday morning, and staying on to talk to people until Friday afternoon.