Hey Guys,
I'm looking at getting 2 of these Supermicro Atom servers to act as PFsense firewalls with the second server acting as a hot spare using CARP.

We will be getting a 10mbps fibre connection from Orcon and with PFsense 2.0, I am thinking about using 2 prepaid Telecom XT sticks for automatic failover.

There are very few Supermicro sellers around and the one we currently use, Public Technology is beyond bad. I have bought 4 servers from them before and not once have they been competent enough to make it a smooth process.

The other option seems to be Compucon. I have heard good things about them in the past and by the looks of it they stock that server:

If they are decent I'll ask them for a price. If I want to buy them from the states they are about $400 US each including shipping.