Due to current work and design commitments, I am unable to take on any more work at the moment. I have a client who requires an online store to be built with the following:

  • Software - Oscommerce: install, configure, apply and configure template, set up back end and payment system.

  • Design - template provided.

  • Products - you will be required to add a number in the beginning, then show the client how to add products, prices etc.

  • This site will be owner maintained, so there are unlikely to be regular ongoing costs, apart from occasional banner/picture design.

  • All for $600. I could do all this in just a few hours so really its easy money for someone competent and experienced.

You will need to be fluent in: php, html, familiar with oscommerce, and have an ability to design banners and adverts for the customer.

Please pm me if you are interested, this is a referral from me so I still have a reputation to maintain. Ideally you will already be an established coder/designer with a website portfolio to show.