If you understood my subject I porobably don't need to explain much more than this, I have a series of Amazon EC2 instances, 1 is called Master, the others are Slave, the Master mounts an EBS volume of 25gig size with a couple of gig files on it, and it uses NFS to export that mount to the slaves.  Right, typical file server setup, noting unusual except it's EC2 and EBS which should be pretty transparent to the operating system.  Now check out this....

$ whoami

$ df -h
/dev/xvdf              25G  9.6G   14G  41% /home/anebsismountedhere

$ du -sh /home/anebsismountedhere
2.3G    /home/anebsismountedhere

it keeps increasing and increasing over a period of hours, the only way to decrease it is to detach the volume, shut down and restart everything.

I can NOT find any files on that volume that account for the usage, nothing.  What du reports is what I see.

Any ideas anybody?