Samsung Homesync with Galaxy S3 Usability


A few days ago I was persuaded by a shop assistant, the slick marketing video, the speed and the features list i.e. 1TB of storage, Android Jelly Bean, etc to buy a Sumsung Homesync. Also a nice feature is that it would work with my Samsung (NonSmart) TV.


At home the user experience did not start well because they had sold me a device with a Retail Demo setting which has limited functions. The two main problems where:



  1. My Galaxy S3 had great difficulties connecting to the Homesync despite good quality WIFI and NFC . As the device is indented to use the S3 as the main (remote) control for the Homesync little could be used.
  2. Samsung support was totally useless in providing any support. It was obvious that they did not even know about Homesync.


 I took the Homesync back to the shop where the assistant was very willing to take back the Homsync or help me to get it going. I agreed we should learn a bit more about it together. Once we had figured out that the Retail Demo setting of the device was the problem, he gave me a new device and together we set the Homsync / my S3 up.


Once back home it worked a bit better. S3 to Homesync connection was not straight forward but it worked after a few tries. Youtube  worked, the internet browser worked, Google Pay worked but it did not support the NZ Herald App (probably a Jelly Bean / Herald problem). 


After some trial and error I figured out that to get the S3 screen to mirror on the TV required a USB mouse to be connected to the Homesync. Once the S3 screen was displayed on the TV it used only 1/3 of the TV screen.


I am still figuring out how to load my several hundred photos & videos from my S3 onto the Homesyc. FDC is very slow.


The Homesync user guide tells you what it can do but no guidance of how to do it. Much room for improvement there. The Homsync built in help function is a joke.


In summary, a) its good device, b) Samsung support is non existent at present; c) usability leaves much to be desired.


Geekzone could come to the rescue with Homesync usability thread.