I just got mine. Quick test over last few hours and I am loving it. Just emailed camera pics to cousin with honor 6 and he said pictures are great. Look comparable to his in normal mode.


The aperture mode works great with portraits especially. Its slower and want to have a still subject preferably or I find the picture I took and what I thought I was taking are two different times/positions.
The aperture mode allows for both background effects/art filter and overall. Which is how their official kitten sample pic has a patterned background.
Can perform colour pop effect by making background b&w in a flower pic etc


Normal photo mode is fast enough for me as can burst up to 20 photos. Focus isnt as fast as I thought it would be vs lg g3 Considering how fast they claim it is. Still its good enough for most uses. I havnt checked if going down to 8mp from 13mp changes anything.


Havnt played with night shots but its better than my last phone indoors. But that was just a Nokia lumia 620.

Im not fussy about getting stock android and quite like emui3. Looks like a few useful apps i will keep on it by huawei as well.

I like that it supports fitness tracking in standby as well.

I read a few previews that said it didnt feel like a flagship in the hands build wise but compared to the g3 and an iphone 5 It holds its own.