I always have trouble deciding where to place my technical queries. If there is a better forum for this one, feel free to move it.


My old eyes are having trouble reading programme guides and similar small text on the TV from the viewing position on the couch. Unfortunately not everything is designed for the 10-foot interface. I am wondering if there is anything for Android or the Shield specifically, or maybe even just something that could go into the HDMI feed, that can echo the TV screen to a network-connected laptop or Android tablet.


I already have something like this for my streaming pc and it works very well. It is called AnyDesk and it is similar to Team Viewer, though I like it better for this purpose. Whenever I want a close-up view of the pc, I just press a connect button on my laptop and I can immediately view and control whatever is on the pc from the laptop. I also use the Windows screen magnifier and something like that for Android would also be helpful.


I can find lots of solutions for controlling various devices from an Android mobile, but what I am looking for is something that can echo the output of an Android device (the Shield) to either a tablet or laptop. I don’t need to be able to control it remotely, just to get a close-up view of the screen.


I have been constantly amazed by the clever gadgets I keep discovering. Is there anything like this? I just need a close-up view of the TV on a portable device or even just a magnification function. The apps I have found so far that are supposed to do this either don’t work properly, or don’t work on the Shield.


Just to get it out of the way, a bigger TV, better glasses, and changing the viewing position have already been considered and are not options here. Also, my Sony TV does not have a usable magnification function and, to my surprise, neither does SPMC, which I use with the Shield (which also doesn’t seem to offer usable screen magnification – at least nowhere I have been able to find). Some of these do have buried menus for changing screen resolution but that doesn’t work for what I need. I just want to know if there is anything that would do what is described above.