I have posted several times about various Android issues I have encountered. I am still fairly new to Android and have been feeling my way along. I don't have experience of Android phones. My devices are an Nvidia Shield and a generic Chinese box built around the Rockchip. I have had endless problems getting apps to work on these but I have gradually been able to find solutions for most things.


The biggest problem seems to be that most apps are designed for phones. They expect vertical orientation and touch screens. Mouse support either doesn't exist, or doesn't work well. A common problem is rows of video thumbnails that extend off screen, but cannot be scrolled to. This is where I am stuck right now with the Pluto TV app. The Shield version works ok but I cannot find anything that works on the other device, which is a cheap S6 Pro Android box from Aliexpress. This box does work fine with other apps, like Crackle (only the very latest version).


The 'best' (least awful) non-Shield Android app I have been able to find for Pluto is version 3.4.9, which I downloaded from APKmirror. Like some other versions, it loads the current Pluto film on start-up and plays that. Unlike other versions, I have discovered I can get to the video archive by rapidly pressing the direction right button on the remote twice. This produces a tiny phone display on my big screen, but I found a workaround for that by installing an app that freezes the orientation to landscape. This way my screen is filled with thumbnails.


I can scroll up and down the rows of thumbnails with the direction buttons and I can go right and left in mouse mode to select a displayed video. But the thumbnails on each row still extend off-screen and I can't scroll there. So this solution partially works because I can access a large portion of the archive, but it is still half-arsed.


I have two questions about this. (1) Why are these apps so hard to use on a non-phone Android box? Does it really have to be this way? Am I missing something here? (2) Sorry, that was three questions. This one is specific to Pluto. Is there really no better solution than the one I have come up with? I can't find one.