It's available from AndroidSpin and I'm also seeding it on bittorrent as AS was really slow last night. 

The thread at XDA with all the details is here

I've installed it on one of my HTC Magic phones. It runs really well. This is Android v2.1 from source ported to HTC Magic and the older HTC G1 phones (together they are the "32B" class)

Known issues: No video camera - only still (driver source code issue). No 3D Gallery...just the usual gallery. 

The included live wallpapers don't work as they appear to have left out all the ones that do and retained the ones that don't.....but any new live wallpapers downloaded from the Android Market work just fine.

Here is a screenshot I just took. It shows the Android v2.1 lockup screen with the "Earth Rotation" live wallpaper spinning slowly in the background (still pic, but).  I've scaled it down a little to 240x360. 

OpenEclair v1.1.1 Screenshot