I've just bought a two month old Acer Liquid A1 thru TradeMe for $580 and I should receive it on Monday or Tuesday (01/03/2010 or 02/03/2010 - for readers months from now).  The Acer Liquid A1was released for sale in the UK on December 9th....so this phone is still very fresh. 

The Liquid A1 is a perfect match for Vodafone or 2Degrees. It's got a Qualcomm i8250 "SnapDragon" 1GHz processor clocked at 768MHz because "It's nice and fast and gives better battery life".....I'm told. Overclocking it may be straightforward, but not worried if it isn't as this is still 50% faster than my existing phone. There is an active dev / hacker community on MoDaCo who have composed several ROMs abd Acer itself has already provided some updates via their web site.....so it looks like a going concern.

The only possible drawback at this point is the 256MB of RAM (versus 512MB for Nexus One).....but it is a definite step up from the 192MB on my Vodafone HTC Magic phones....and they run absolutely well enough to deserve respect in their own right. 

But this phone is being upgraded to Android 2.1 for sure...and I will be able to run Google Earth on it as the i8250 is an ARM7 processor and the 800x480 screen resolution on the Liquid is the same as Droid or Nexus One.

So it's not quite a Nexus One......but it was about half the price if you buy on TradeMe or do the Google two-step and pay the GST/shipping on the import.

I'll write more about it when I get my hands on it. It looks like an Android phone that deserves respect.  
Acer Liquid A1