LeShak is a genius!!
I had i570xxJE4 rom and updated easily (2 minutes) with ODIN to this rom, and oh my goodness, the world is once again amazing!!! enjoy


1. Full rebuils Spica Linux Kernel from Samsung sources, plus:
- full root in adb (you can use cp etc, not only cat)
- root - su+Superuser
- add Netfilter/iptables (Walldroid, Wifi Tether)
- WiFi tether apk
- support ext2/ext3/ext4
- cifs (smb - support windows network shares)
- squashfs (for recovery utils)
- increase level of speaker sound
- fixed for sipdroid

2. New Recovery
- apply update.zip files (android install/update system)
- samdroid backup - create .tar file (system + data), restore via Odin
- wipe (data, cache, dalvik-cache)
- you can repartition your SD card on 2 partituions FAT32 + ext2 for install application os SD card apps2sd All your data on SD card will be delete!!!

3. Apps2sd based on CyanogenMod apps2sd
- you can move your applications from internal memory to SD card when you want, simple create two partitions on SD FAT32 + ext2/3/4

How to install LK2.xx
Your data or programs will not be deleted!!!!

0. You should have any Android 2.1 firmware since JC3.

1. Download: i5700_LK2-08_PDA.7z
2. Flash with Odin
After flash, i5700 will boot in Recovery, update and reboot to system

Additional Benefits
You can use kitchen for updates:
1. Use only 'Without base package'!!!
2. Don't use standart programs & Superuser!!
3. You can add/update
- live wallpapers
- kernels
- homes
- Wifi tether, openvpn, Gallery 3D