I have roamed the internet and googled my heart out and can't find a thing on this..

I bought a HTC Desire from ExpertInfotech in Auckland. I have managed to set up my APNs and all work well, except Facebook for HTC Sense.

I can input my credentials and press 'Sign In'; the phone tries to log in and a warning box appears saying: "The service is currently unavailable. Do you want to try again?" 'Yes' - tries to log in again and the same error comes up, 'No' - returns to the credentials screen. (This happens regardless whether I am using WiFi or 3G).

So far, I have found out that the Facebook app and Facebook for HTC Sense do not share credentials and work independent of each other.  May I also note that the regular Facebook app signs in without any issues.

The phone's 'Accounts & sync' section also allows me to sign in to Twitter, Flickr, Google, etc. Twitter and Google accounts work fine; i don't have Flickr so haven't bothered trying to use this.  As far as I can tell, Facebook seems to be the only account that will not connect.

This is a big issue for me, as connecting to Facebook for HTC Sense brings so many perks to the phone's UI and features.

Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated.