I want to add thai character support to my Samsung Galaxy S.  I've done a bit of research, there are lots of apps on the market for thai keyboards to type in thai, but in order to actually see the thai characters you type you need to install thai fonts, it seems that you must either root the phone to add thai fonts, or wait for android 2.2 to be released (apparently 2.2 on the nexus adds thai fonts, so I assume 2.2 will add thai fonts to the galaxy S when it is released).

This is a guide for adding thai fonts to the nexus one, apparently adding to galaxy is very similar

The steps involved are
1. Root the phone
2. Install busybox for terminal access
3. Download font pack and copy to the internal memory
4. Run some terminal commands to install the fonts

But I have some questions?

1. If I root my phone, will this cause problems when i try to upgrade to Froyo when it is released.

2. There are multiple methods to root the phone, can someone suggest the safest/best method for Galaxy S

3. What is the best way to run the terminal commands, busy box? or should I use something else?

Many Thanks