Hi guys, just a quick question for you Motorola Milestone users that use Vodafone's network in New Zealand.

First off, I know that Vodafone NZ does not support Milestone. Only Telecom XT supports it. However, Vodafone does support and sell Milestone 2, so I don't see why this couldn't be possible.

Anyway, I'm currently using Android v2.1 (Eclair). I flashed the New Zealand v2.1 SBF on it, and it works fine and all except it's obviously for Telecom XT, therefore I can't get my Vodafone SIM card to work properly. If I change the network from 2G to 3G, then it works. I don't get full signal bars (4 bars), but I get 3 bars most of the time which is pretty stable so it's not bad. However, if I switch to 2G (to save battery) then I get no bars at all, completely empty. It doesn't seem to be able to detect any network at all when I switch to 2G. Whereas switching to 3G the phone is able to detect all 3 networks in New Zealand (Vodafone, Telecom, 2Degree).

Now the reason why I'm on Android v2.1 is because when I was on v2.2 (Froyo), it has all sorts of problems with the WIFI. It's probably because of the kernel or something, and it seems A LOT of people have the same problem with me on v2.2 as well. If you do a quick Google search on wifi problems on Milestone then you'll understand why. A lot of people have suggested to flash back to v2.1 to fix this, and so I tried and it did indeed work for me. But since the only available SBF for v2.1 for New Zealand is for Telecom XT, now I have this new problem to deal with. It's not a big deal, I can stay on 3G. But if possible, I'd rather not because it seems v2.1 uses up battery more qiuckly, and the fact that using 3G uses more battery means I have to charge often and that's something I hate doing.

Now here's an important note. When I received my Milestone which came with v2.2 (Froyo) pre-installed, it was using Europe/UK I believe. It doesn't have problems with Vodafone's network on 2G at all, however like I mentioned it does have problems with the wifi. But the point is, the 2G network for Vodafone works fine on it.

So ya I'm just wondering, are there any Milestone users out there that flashed a different SBF, say Europe for example, and able to get the Vodafone network to work fine on 2G, while also making wifi work fine as well?

Or, are there any basebands for New Zealand that I can flash? There doesn't seem to be any from what I found.

Oh and here's where I found the SBF files in case you're wondering, here's the link for v2.1 (Eclair):

and here's the link for v2.2 (Froyo):